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Black and white photograph of scattered handmade paper created by Harrison Elliot

Records of Life: The Notebooks of Harrison Elliott

February 26 - April 16, 2021

Records of Life explores the ways people organize and make sense of their thoughts, experiences, and life. Using the written records of Harrison Elliott, a paper historian active in the first half of the 20th century, this exhibit dives into the methods people use to make information useful to themselves and to others. In addition to pieces from Harrison Elliott's collection, the exhibit includes logbooks from the Institute of Paper Chemistry, contemporary bullet journals used by Georgia Tech students, and more. 

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Coral Conundrums by Anela Oh is a triptych of coral, pink, and  tangerine paper with dripped pulp to create abstract coral renderings; Lozano by Faviola Calymayor is a paper skeleton in a fetal position with fungi/flowers blooming from various areas of the skeleton; Zheng by Xuewu Zhen is an arrangement of colored paper pebbles arrange in linear piles based on color.

7th National Collegiate Paper Art Triennial

September - November 2020

The Triennial celebrates its 20th anniversary, since its first opening reception in December, 1999 at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta, GA. It was imagined in a conversation between Lynn Sures and Cindy Bowden, as a show highlighting the work done by college students in the field of papermaking.

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Kinetic Joy font made from bright colors and textures against a navy background

Kintetic Joy: Basic Principals of Paper Engineering

Virtual Exhibit 2020

Engineers study how forces act upon materials and structures to design machines that take into account how potential forces could be applied. Paper engineers design structures and mechanisms out of paper to solve real-world challenges. 

Paper engineers develop designs for pop-up books, packaging, art, furniture, and much more. Kinetic Joy: Basic Principles of Paper Engineering explores the concepts behind the designs that bring paper to life and enable movement. 

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