Permanent Collections

History of Paper display at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

History of Paper

The museum's permanent exhibition traces the fascinating history of papermaking from its earliest antecedents through the advanced techology of today-- from ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian papyrus scrolls to the watermarked papers of Italy to the high-tech machinery of the modern paper industry.

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Papermaking equipment from the early 1900's

George Mead Education Gallery

"From Hand to Machine: The Evolution of Papermaking", is featured in the George W. Mead Paper Education Center. The exhibit details the evolution of science and technology in papermaking, showcasing artifacts from the 1300s to paper made in space aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

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Painted portrait of Dard Hunter in a room full of the books he authored and printed.

Dard Hunter: Collector, Scholar & Artist

Museum founder Dard Hunter traveled around the world investigating and documenting hand papermaking techniques and traditions. The results of his travels were distilled into books which introduced audiences to the world of paper. This gallery provides a biography of the man whose collection is the foundation of the museum.

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Young Caucasian female with short brunette hair leans over a book that she is measuring and conserving. The image is shot from an over the shoulder perspective.

Artifact of the Month

A series featuring an artifact from the Paper Museum's extensive collection. Each month highlights a different artifact to provide the opportunity to learn more about our collection and the variety of items collected.

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